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Inverness Kennels


How we place our puppies

Please be prepared to discuss your home, work schedule, and general lifestyle with us.  Some people feel that these questions are invading their personal lives, but it is our responsibility as breeders to make sure our puppies go to the best homes that we can find. Questions that we might ask you include (but aren’t limited to):

- What hours do you work?

- Where/how will the puppy be kept while you’re not at home?

- What sort of yard/home environment will your puppy be living in?

- Do you have cats or other small pets?

- Do you have kids? If so, how old?

- What sort of activities will you engage in to keep your energetic puppy healthy and happy?

There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer, we just want to learn more about you and the potential home that you will provide for your puppy.

Please also note our policy about what order you get to choose your puppy.

Early on we realized that we needed to have some sort of system to determine who gets their puppy and in what order.  We decided that asking our puppy buyers to send us a deposit was a good way to provide some order.  This deposit goes towards the final price of your puppy and also tells us a couple of things.

1) It tells us that you’re serious about getting a puppy from us.  We have had a puppy spoken for in the past that the potential buyer then backed out on.  Now we have a puppy that no longer has a home to go to.

2) The deposit also holds your place in line. This addresses any cases of someone asking: “well why does that person get to choose their puppy first” and not having a good answer.  Our answer is now: “because they sent in their deposit first”.

Also Note: Sometimes a puppy is kept by Inverness Kennels with the intent of it going to a specific sort of home.  For example an exceptionally well put together puppy may be kept at Inverness Kennels for someone that has been looking for a show quality puppy.  We reserve the right to keep and place a puppy, like the aforementioned example, where we feel it is appropriate.

Please click on the links below to navigate to see about puppies that we have had in the past, any new and confirmed litters, and any plans we might have for the future!

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